August 23, 2019

Android Tablet PC Predicted to Beat iPad

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Android Tablet PC

The founder of Dell sees Android Tablet PCs overtaking the Apple iPad.  Michael Dell pointed out to the Wall Street Journal that Android phones were hardly heard about and then all of a sudden there are more Android OS phones than iPhones.

Android Tablet PC v. iPad

That is the basis for his prediction that the iPad will eventually be overrun by Android Tablet PCs.  Dell sells Anroid Tablet PCs so there is a bit of bias in the opinion or perhaps just wishful thinking, by Michael Dell is not alone.

Tablet PC

Tablet PCs like the Xoom by Motorola are already being knocked out of the market with only about 100k of the devices being sold.  Samsung may be backing out of the Tablet PC market as well finding stiffer competition from Apple than they first expected.

Tablet PCs are already starting to replace laptops, but features will start to define who sells the most in the future.  Friendlier on screen keyboards or easier ways to attach peripherals or bigger use of wire free keyboards and mice.  If someone can come up with a Tablet PC that uses Kinect technology as a keyboard or mouse, then that company will make a killing in the market.