July 24, 2019

Apple iPad (3rd Generation)

Since its release years ago, the iPad has sold millions. People all around the world are digging Apple’s tablet PC and has since opened many doors. This year, the iPad gets a new iteration to make it the 3rd generation. Though the iPad 3 looks the same, it has enough changes and upgrades to make it another great addition to the line products of Apple this year.

iPad 3 features a slightly thicker and heavier design but this is because it features a new battery that gives it a bit more life. It features a new display that gives the iPad 3 newer vibrant colors not seen in previous iterations of the iPad. It also features 1Gb of RAM which make the processing of apps faster and better. It also features more access to apps and with the access of the new RAM, you can finally use apps like Garageband and iMovie better. It features everything from the previous iPads and more.

iPad 3 is, like the previous iPads, easy to use. It’s what you expect from the iPad: it’s simply designed, it’s easy to navigate, the apps work well and it’s customizable. iPad 3 really lives up to its expectations. But it’s not perfect which is why I rate the product 4 out 5. It still lacks expandable memory, the processor heats up fast and it lacks more features. But iPad 3 makes things better with it so anyone in the market for an iPad will be delighted to get one today.