July 24, 2019

Apple iPad (3rd Generation)

Since its release years ago, the iPad has sold millions. People all around the world are digging Apple’s tablet PC and has since opened many doors. This year, the iPad gets a new iteration to make it the 3rd generation. Though the iPad 3 looks the same, it has enough changes and upgrades to make it another great addition to the line products of Apple this year.

iPad 3 features a slightly thicker and heavier design but this is because it features a new battery that gives it a bit more life. It features a new display that gives the iPad 3 newer vibrant colors not seen in previous iterations of the iPad. It also features 1Gb of RAM which make the processing of apps faster and better. It also features more access to apps and with the access of the new RAM, you can finally use apps like Garageband and iMovie better. It features everything from the previous iPads and more.

iPad 3 is, like the previous iPads, easy to use. It’s what you expect from the iPad: it’s simply designed, it’s easy to navigate, the apps work well and it’s customizable. iPad 3 really lives up to its expectations. But it’s not perfect which is why I rate the product 4 out 5. It still lacks expandable memory, the processor heats up fast and it lacks more features. But iPad 3 makes things better with it so anyone in the market for an iPad will be delighted to get one today.

What’s Good About the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Tablet 16G 32 G

Tablet PC Asus TransformerWhat’s Good about the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Tablet 16G 32 G

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Tablet offers a nice solution for budget conscious families. It runs Android Honeycomb and is excellent for both business and entertainment applications. As far as Tablet Pcs go, it is one of the ones that we can recommend without hesitation as far as Tablet Pcs that run Android OS. You will find that the weight difference between the iPad 2 and this tablet pc is negligible.


Good price, nice specs, check them out:

Android 3.0 Honeycomb
10.1” WXGA IPS Touch Screen
16GB or 32 GB HDD $399.00 or less / $499.00 or Less

Comes in Brown or Black

10.1″ WXGA IPS touch screen
Gorilla Glass, 1280 x 800 res. Games and Movies Look Great

Wireless LAN Built-in (802.11b/g/n)
Wireless internet connection capability.

NVIDIA Tegra 2 graphics
Mini HDMI output – Major plus for connecting to Monitors and Televisions

NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor
667MHz system bus plus 1MB L2 cache.

4-in-1 media reader
microSD support plus Secure Digital, High Capacity formats.

1GB LPDDR2 memory

16GB EMMC hard drive
Good amount of storage, Cloud Storage is best route

Built-in 1.2MP webcam with microphone
Decent cam for webchats. Rear 5.0MP cam with vid capability.

Weighs only 2.2 lbs. and measures just 0.5″ thin
Optional keyboard docking station – actually a really good keyboard system, try to find it on sale. Really like the Android Function Keys.

Bluetooth 2.1 interface
Bluetooth-enabled devices linking… You know, for Pandora in your car.

Android Tablet PC

android tabletGoogle Android Tablet PC

Sprint customers only have a few days left to eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Xoom.  May 8th, will launch the availability of the Motorola Xoom WiFi Google Android tablet pc for Sprint users.  Being offered at around six hundred dollars, the tablet pc is being recognized as one of the first products that may eventually reduce Apple’s considerable chunk of the tablet pc market.

The Sprint branded Motorla Xoom WiFi will run Android 3.0, Honeycomb operating system, holds a one gigahertz dual core Tegra 2 processor.  The tablet pc is said to come with a 32 gig SSD standard and 1 gig DDR2 Ram.  This is the first tablet pc built on Android 3.0.

We’ve also recently been asked to discuss some of the games and apps that are available for Android Tablets.  The best place to go for those apps is the Google Play site.  They offer all of the apps that are specifically designed to work on Android devices.  You can fine free utilities, games and more.  However, there has been a recent change in the way that Google permits games of chance on Google Play.  There are still some of those games available that work on Android devices.  The one article that we have found that best lists those games for Androids is located at this link : http://freecasino.me/the-best-android-casino-apps/

Sony Tablet PC

laptop or tablet pcKunimasa Suziki, CEO of Sony’s computer products sees Sony as a top contender for the expected 70 billion dollar Tablet Pc market in 2015. Numbers are expected to be around 49 billion by the end of 2012. Not a lot of people have faith in Sony being able to win the market share that they are expecting, however, their shorter term goal is to sell the most tablet pcs with the Android OS. This does tip the scales in favor of a good outlook for Sony.

Tablet PC Market

Sony still has the capital to attempt to catch up to Apple, but surpassing them is highly unlikely. It may eventually just come down to where the consumer lines are drawn now, do you own an Xbox or PS3? Some might even own both, but in the tablet pc market it may end up being a battle of brand or OS loyalty.

Sony Android OS Tablet PC

The Sony Android OS tablets should hit the market next year.

Tablet Pc or Laptop

Many are still wondering to go with tablet pc or laptop and others are waiting on a price drop for Apple’s iPads and iPad2. Not a lot of people are replacing their home computers with tablets but are purchasing them as an option to the laptop.

Android Tablet PC Predicted to Beat iPad

pc tablet android pc tabletAndroid Tablet PC

The founder of Dell sees Android Tablet PCs overtaking the Apple iPad.  Michael Dell pointed out to the Wall Street Journal that Android phones were hardly heard about and then all of a sudden there are more Android OS phones than iPhones.

Android Tablet PC v. iPad

That is the basis for his prediction that the iPad will eventually be overrun by Android Tablet PCs.  Dell sells Anroid Tablet PCs so there is a bit of bias in the opinion or perhaps just wishful thinking, by Michael Dell is not alone.

Tablet PC

Tablet PCs like the Xoom by Motorola are already being knocked out of the market with only about 100k of the devices being sold.  Samsung may be backing out of the Tablet PC market as well finding stiffer competition from Apple than they first expected.

Tablet PCs are already starting to replace laptops, but features will start to define who sells the most in the future.  Friendlier on screen keyboards or easier ways to attach peripherals or bigger use of wire free keyboards and mice.  If someone can come up with a Tablet PC that uses Kinect technology as a keyboard or mouse, then that company will make a killing in the market.


TabletPC: BlackBerry Playbook

TabletPC BlackBerry PlaybookThe BlackBerry Playbook tablet has a wide range of attractive features that make it a solid choice. The seven inch screen is a good compromise for carrying capabilities, and still provides high quality resolution. The 1024 by 600 display supports HD video recording and playback.

The OS programming on the phone was developed purely by the BlackBerry company and easily syncs with a number of different Blackberry products and applications. The tablet also has flash support with Adobe 10.1. It is likely that people who are already BlackBerry users will enjoy the playbook.

Similar to the iPad and iPhone connection, blackberry smartphones can wirelessly connect information with the Playbook. Some of the drawbacks of this particular tablet is the battery life. While the processor is so powerful, the battery life can only last so long. But many people consider the speed to be worth the lack of battery time.


Tablet PC HP Slate 500

Tablet PC HP Slate 500The HP Slate 500 will be the first tablet to feature a Windows 7 professional running system. It features a Intel Atom Z540 processor with 1.86GHz. The design is sleek and the glossy screen provides a nice touch. The screen is 8.9 inches and is a little less than an inch smaller than the popular ipad.

The resolution on the screen is great and the display is vibrant. The smaller size is because the tablet is geared towards businesses rather than the casual user. The size accounts for the travel time it is likely to experience.

That being said, the design and features of this tablet are clearly geared to business professionals. The number of benefits the slate provides for business professionals includes handwritten note transcription and high definition web conferencing. The tablet is priced at around $800, a comparable price to similar top of the class tablets such as the iPad.


HP TabletPC features a large 9.7 inch screen

hptabletpcThe upcoming tablet the HP TabletPC features a large 9.7 inch screen. The graphics are phenomenal with a display resolution of 1024 by 768. The TouchPad processing system is the snapdragon dual core 1.2GHz processor by Qualcomm. One of the drawbacks of the Hp tablet is low quality, 1.2 mega pixel, front facing camera and the complete lack of a rear facing camera. There is also an available wireless Bluetooth keyboard that makes business tasks even easier. While on a whole the tablet seems as though it will be a competitor in the next version of tablets, there seems to be something lacking. With the advances in mobile technology it seems that the HP TouchPad left out some of the more significant advance. From the prototype there  is no video out feature or a high quality camera. It seemed it is geared more towards a business professional than a recreational and fun tablet user.


Tablet PC Dell Streak 7

tablet pcThe new tablet out through Dell, the Streak 7 has received good reviews by users however will have a tough time competing against the new android systems. It has a unique feature being the first tablet to offer 4G compatibility through the T-Mobile wireless network.

It functions on a beefed up version of the android 2.2 operating system with a dual-core processor. It is a flash enabled tablet and features Adobe Flash 10.1, unlike the popular Apple option. The tablet is quick to complete tasks and the touch screen is quick to respond and the well liked set up of the android 2.2 will seem familiar.

A problem that the tablet will have is facing the competition that will be the android 3.0 operating systems. The tablet is priced around $450 for those not signing a contract and at a low of $199 for those willing to sign onto T-Mobile for two years.


ViewSonic ViewPad 7

ViewSonic ViewPad 7The ViewSonic ViewPad 7 is a strong technological option when it comes to choosing a option from the variety of tablet PC’s available currently. It features a smaller build with only a 7 in screen and is run on the Android 2.2 OS system.

One of the nice features is that it has the capability of making voice calls and can operate on any mobile network. Other features include Bluetooth capabilities, WiFi access, a Micro SD slot as well as built in GPS.

The 3G feature is easily accessed as the tablet features a sim card insert which can be used through a variety of mobile carriers. Unlike larger tablets the ViewPad can be held in one hand and is a similar size to the Galaxy Tab. It weighs just over 12 ounces and measures 7 by 4 inches. It also features a mini USB port to easily connect to other storage devices.