July 24, 2019

Tablet PC s and Mini Tablet PC s

Tablet PC: Samsung GalaxyThere’s not a lot of companies that are making the distinction in their advertising between a full sized tablet pc and a mini-tab.  These mini tablet pc s can do everything a full sized tablet pc can do, but just way much smaller.  That size difference cuts into the quality of the users experience.  While an actual distinction is made, it is only in the actual dimensions, but these mini-tabs need to have their own class.  The market can support both sizes, but letting a mini-tab into the same category as a tablet pc, it just doesn’t make sense.  It isn’t completely a deceptive practice, but it is a bit unethical to try to sell tiny tablets to people that may not be aware of the massive size difference.  Should the consumer do their research before making such a hefty purchase?  Absolutely, however, companies that are selling “discounted” tablets and selling mini tabs are taking advantage of consumers.

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TabletPC: BlackBerry Playbook

TabletPC BlackBerry PlaybookThe BlackBerry Playbook tablet has a wide range of attractive features that make it a solid choice. The seven inch screen is a good compromise for carrying capabilities, and still provides high quality resolution. The 1024 by 600 display supports HD video recording and playback.

The OS programming on the phone was developed purely by the BlackBerry company and easily syncs with a number of different Blackberry products and applications. The tablet also has flash support with Adobe 10.1. It is likely that people who are already BlackBerry users will enjoy the playbook.

Similar to the iPad and iPhone connection, blackberry smartphones can wirelessly connect information with the Playbook. Some of the drawbacks of this particular tablet is the battery life. While the processor is so powerful, the battery life can only last so long. But many people consider the speed to be worth the lack of battery time.


Tablet PC HP Slate 500

Tablet PC HP Slate 500The HP Slate 500 will be the first tablet to feature a Windows 7 professional running system. It features a Intel Atom Z540 processor with 1.86GHz. The design is sleek and the glossy screen provides a nice touch. The screen is 8.9 inches and is a little less than an inch smaller than the popular ipad.

The resolution on the screen is great and the display is vibrant. The smaller size is because the tablet is geared towards businesses rather than the casual user. The size accounts for the travel time it is likely to experience.

That being said, the design and features of this tablet are clearly geared to business professionals. The number of benefits the slate provides for business professionals includes handwritten note transcription and high definition web conferencing. The tablet is priced at around $800, a comparable price to similar top of the class tablets such as the iPad.