February 21, 2019

HP TabletPC features a large 9.7 inch screen

The upcoming tablet the HP TabletPC features a large 9.7 inch screen. The graphics are phenomenal with a display resolution of 1024 by 768. The TouchPad processing system is the snapdragon dual core 1.2GHz processor by Qualcomm. One of the drawbacks of the Hp tablet is low quality, 1.2 mega pixel, front facing camera and the complete lack of a rear facing camera. There is also an available wireless Bluetooth keyboard that makes business tasks even easier. While on a whole the tablet seems as though it will be a competitor in the next version of tablets, there seems to be something lacking. With the advances in mobile technology it seems that the HP TouchPad left out some of the more significant advance. From the prototype there  is no video out feature or a high quality camera. It seemed it is geared more towards a business professional than a recreational and fun tablet user.