April 26, 2019


The HP TouchPad looks like an iPad, but it runs a lot different than one.  The fact that the HP TouchPad runs the webOS may be why may that have been holding out on buying a tablet are going to now.  HP picked up webOS in an acquisition of Palm, Inc. and because of it may carve a chunk in iPad business for Apple.


HP TouchPad

The OS has been improved for the TouchPad.  The TouchPad itself will run a 1.2 GHz processor with 1GB of ram.  Options will be available for storage, starting with 16GB and 32GB.

Front-Facing Camera

Another nice feature of the TouchPad is the front-facing camera.  This is ideal for video chat and rumors have been going around about an HP and Skype partnership.

Flash Ready

The HP TouchPad can use Flash, has a built in compass, accelerometer and gyroscope.