April 26, 2019

iPad2 Smash for Apple

apple tablet ipad2
One of the most anticipated tablet releases was that of the new iPad 2. Apple was the first to push a tablet PC and was long considered the leader in the industry.

Since then android powered tablets have been released that can easily be compared to if not exceed the capabilities of the Apple iPad.

The newest version of apple’s tablet is lighter, thinner and has a more powerful operating system. Many people have shown disappointment with the new release finding the changes were minimal.

While the design and look of apple products often draw customers in the operating system is less than perfected. While it now offers video conferencing, it still does enable flash to operate on the internet application, a function that is available in android powered tablet counterparts. The tablet also lacks a HDMI connection, a USB port and a SD slot, all which are offered on other Tablet PC’s currently on the market.