July 24, 2019

Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire

Amazon has created a real game changer with their Kindle Fire. The 7” device is in a class by itself, it’s in between a phone, in-between a tablet and serves multiple purposes in a convenient design. The Kindle Fire has a stunning color touch screen that makes magazines pop, movies and book more vibrant and the colors are vibrant. The Kindle Fire also offers a feature called in-plane switching which has been seen before in iPad, but still makes for a nice addition. Because the Kindle Fire is tied into Amazon, you have a lot of nice media features and options available. One fairly important feature is that you have free cloud access with Amazon’s new cloud services. There’s also a massive amount of media, magazines and movies. Amazon carries hundreds of titles in books, movies and magazines.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire with One Month Free Amazon Prime

Amazon is also using the Kindle Fire as a great launching pad for Amazon Prime, the streaming service that is going to give Hulu and Netflix a run for the money. Amazon Prime has well over 10,000 titles of commercial-free streaming content. That includes television and movies.

Amazon really took their time with the Kindle Fire, but you can tell that there was a lot of care put into the design. The Kindle Fire is easy to use and has a very intuitive interface. If you want to listen to music, read a book or watch a movie, its all there. The Kindle Fire is so easy to use that even people that are afraid of technology would get the hang of it and end up loving it. If you know how to use a television remote control, then the Kindle Fire will pose zero problems. This is actually on my Christmas list for my grandmother and my mother and father. Mom and dad will have to share, but the $199 price is spectacular.

Amazon Kindle FireKindle Fire Does it Differently

Technically speaking, the Kindle Fire is fast. It uses dual core processing which makes for smooth viewing and listening. One thing that the Kindle Fire does differently is that they are offering a free paid app every day. I’m not sure if this is just a promotional thing, but getting a free paid app each day is actually kind of a nice touch.

The Kindle Fire uses an Amazon browser which has been named Silk. Amazon developed a browser specifically for their cloud services. Silk is accelerated, uses split browser architecture and puts the services of Amazon web services cloud right at your finger tips. Another nice addition is that the Kindle Fire supports Adobe Flash.


Amazon Kindle FireKindle Fire and the Amazon Cloud

Since the Kindle Fire uses the Amazon Cloud, you don’t have to worry about storage space because it’s virtually unlimited. You can store your own movies, music and book, plus your apps on your own cloud and access them whenever you want with the Kindle Fire. On top of all of that, you also have access to over 2 million free titles which include classics like Pride and Prejudice.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is designed for travel. Its compact size allows for it to fit in a purse, a backpack or even just carry it around in your hand. The display is also perfect for viewing and it has been strengthened to be 30 times stronger than plastic which makes it extremely resistant to scrapes and damage.

Absolutely love this little piece of tech. 10/10 all the way!