July 24, 2019

Kobo Vox

Are you in the market for a tablet reader like the Kindle and Nook? You can try the Kobo Vox, the tablet to earn the title “the little tablet that could”. It was released the same time as Kindle Fire so in many ways, this could be the tablet that you may choose over the Kindle. But on closer inspection, you’ll see the differences might change your mind.

Kobo Vox features the essentials of Kindle: a good screen to make reading better, eBook features that enrich your experience with reading and a simple slick design that almost goes on par with Kindle. It also features the same controls of Kindle that lets you bookmark the pages of your books, zoom in and much more. It also features a wall charger which lets you plug it in any outlet in the world so you can read anywhere you want, even in the hotel room.

Kobo Vox is very easy to use just like Kindle so you won’t have any qualms about it. But Kobo Vox gets a rating of 2 out of 5. Why? Because Kobo Vox, while looks great and works great, does have drawbacks to it. For one, the price. It’s affordable but at the same price, you can actually get better tablet readers with better specs. Speaking of specs, that’s two: it has lower specs. Compared to Kindle and Nook, Kobo Vox falls short. And finally, the app selection of Kobo Vox isn’t as diverse as Kindle or other products. So if I were you, I’d get a Kindle instead.