July 24, 2019

Motion Computing CL900

Everybody loves to be able to have their own piece of tablet to bring around not just to show off but to actually help them do some tasks anytime they want and wherever they have to. These modern times, people can only gain some competitive edge if they have gadgets such as the 10-inch Motion Computing CL900 tablet.

This gadget has a battery that works in the next 7 hours without the need to recharge. This means you can actually do some tasks on location or even when out having coffee or out of office meetings. With two USB ports, an Ethernet port, a mini-HDMI port, Wi-Fi ready and Bluetooth you can do almost everything you need from simple document creation, email, chat and web surfing to client presentation and file transfer. It is definitely a workhorse in motion.This workhorse also includes from and back 1.3 megapixel cameras allowing you to take some picture anytime you want. Video chatting is also made possible with the front cameras making it easier to communicate anywhere you may be around the globe. It also runs on Intel Atom Z670processor, single-core and 1.5 GHz. It is also complete with an SD giving you more features to do your task for work, for school or for entertainment purposes.When ordering for a Motion Computing CL900 tablet one must make sure if the digital stylus is part of the package. Most of the time it one must pay extra for this important feature. The price is of course another issue but those who are looking for an almost complete package to move with the times that ensures durability as well there is no doubt this Windows tablet offers great value for their money.