August 23, 2019

Sony Tablet PC

laptop or tablet pc
Kunimasa Suziki, CEO of Sony’s computer products sees Sony as a top contender for the expected 70 billion dollar Tablet Pc market in 2015. Numbers are expected to be around 49 billion by the end of 2012. Not a lot of people have faith in Sony being able to win the market share that they are expecting, however, their shorter term goal is to sell the most tablet pcs with the Android OS. This does tip the scales in favor of a good outlook for Sony.

Tablet PC Market

Sony still has the capital to attempt to catch up to Apple, but surpassing them is highly unlikely. It may eventually just come down to where the consumer lines are drawn now, do you own an Xbox or PS3? Some might even own both, but in the tablet pc market it may end up being a battle of brand or OS loyalty.

Sony Android OS Tablet PC

The Sony Android OS tablets should hit the market next year.

Tablet Pc or Laptop

Many are still wondering to go with tablet pc or laptop and others are waiting on a price drop for Apple’s iPads and iPad2. Not a lot of people are replacing their home computers with tablets but are purchasing them as an option to the laptop.