August 23, 2019

Tablet Apps Changing Lives, Reducing Paper and More

tabletTablet Apps are making our common, every day tasks like checking email, bank accounts and even checking on our security web cams at the house, so much easier.  Some of these apps are available only for Tablets and can not be found for smartphones.  This is a strategic move made by tablet manufacturers in their partnerships with app developers.

Tablet Apps can even assist us in simple tasks like shutting off the lights in the house or even changing the channel on the television.  Comcast has an app that allows access to television programming options like never before.  Your entire day of viewing can be handled from one app and that even includes setting which programs to turn the DVR on and save.

If you want to watch Netflix or send a tweet, maybe even read what is going on with your Facebook friends; it’s all there on your tablet now.  While a lot of apps are for entertainment purposes, many serve a purpose.  Even online dating is available on tablet apps.

The highly popular Facebook App, Social Connect is a dating utility available on tablets.  This is one of the few online dating apps that is available for tablets currently.  Other social media tools like Social Connect, Facebook and Twitter are all available as apps for most tablets.

Our lives are quickly being influenced by tablet apps in ways that many could not have imagined.  Paper usage has dropped significantly in offices that are working to be more Green.  Educators and high schools across the country are beginning to replace textbooks with tablets.

This is especially important in reducing paper as textbooks account for around 12% of the total paper use in the United States.  With either an app or web access to textbooks, students can now never use the excuse that they left their textbook at home or at school if they are trying to get out of homework.  However, if they lose their tablet then they will probably be in a lot more trouble.

Security for the home has even improved with tablet pcs.  Tablet apps that allow for home surveillance from anywhere in the world makes it a lot safer for homeowners and even better for insurance companies.  Premiums for home and theft insurance could eventually drop from more people being able to monitor their home while they are away.  This type of home protection has never been so widely available before.  Home surveillance through a tablet pc pays for the tablet immediately.

Many see the tablet as the future of running a home.  While monitoring the home while away is important, so is monitoring the home while you are there.  Home appliances like air and heat, even the stove can be monitored through a tablet app.  If you were afraid to leave the house because you might have left the stove on, then your wish has been granted.  You will be able to check on the stove from anywhere with your tablet and even shut it off if you did forget.