February 21, 2019

Tablet PC Dell Streak 7

tablet pc
The new tablet out through Dell, the Streak 7 has received good reviews by users however will have a tough time competing against the new android systems. It has a unique feature being the first tablet to offer 4G compatibility through the T-Mobile wireless network.

It functions on a beefed up version of the android 2.2 operating system with a dual-core processor. It is a flash enabled tablet and features Adobe Flash 10.1, unlike the popular Apple option. The tablet is quick to complete tasks and the touch screen is quick to respond and the well liked set up of the android 2.2 will seem familiar.

A problem that the tablet will have is facing the competition that will be the android 3.0 operating systems. The tablet is priced around $450 for those not signing a contract and at a low of $199 for those willing to sign onto T-Mobile for two years.