April 26, 2019

Tablet PC: Motorola Xoom

PC Tablet
Since the release of the Apple iPad, companies have been working in overdrive to create a comparable product for PC users. Many people believe that the Motorola Xoom is to be considered equal, if not better than the apple tablet.

The team that created the PC based Android smartphone products are the same people behind this product, and many consider the android interface to be the only one in real competition with the apple iPhone. The design of the Motorola Xoom has been considered to be preferable in comparison to both the Samsung Galaxy and the apple iPad.

This is being linked to the rubber like texture on the back of the tablet which makes it easy and comfortable to hold. The price is a downside to the product, being much higher than the iPad starting at $599 with a contract and $799 without a contract. It is hard to say whether the positive features outweigh the increase in cost.