July 24, 2019

ZTE Optik

The ZTE Optik is another offer in the tablet market that’s really appealing to the eyes of the consumer, since it’s only priced at $99. There’s nothing like a cheap priced tablet to be sold to you but everything comes with a price. The $99 tablet comes with a contract with Sprint that lasts for two years. But as you may know, the cost still remains large without the contract, so with or without the contract, you still have to pay a big amount. But the ZTE Optik does feature the good features of a quality tablet.

The ZTE Optik features a robust 16GB hard drive that you can expand with MicroSD cards, perfect for music, photos and files. It features a great design that makes it look sleek and elegant. It also features a built-in Ebook reader like those used in the NOOK and Kindle tablet. It also features a longer-lasting battery life.

The ZTE Optik is surprisingly easy to use. With a nice build and essential apps installed, the ZTE Optik makes it easier to navigate through the menus without any problems. But I have to rate this product 2 out of 5 because there are just a few things that prevent from buying this tablet. First, the price is way too high, with or without the contract. Second, the ZTE Optik doesn’t perform as well as other tablet PCs which may be cheaper even without a contract. And third, it doesn’t support the Android OS as of now.